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No, this blog post isn’t about running on the track, though that is pretty cool if you have one available to you to run on.  There’s an outdoor track at the local junior high that I might check out during the summer sometime.
When I see people running on treadmills with no ipod, mp3 player, cd player, cassette tape player, or even this bad boy:
I really wonder how the hell they do it?!?!?!  It’s one thing to run outside with no music and to just enjoy the sounds of nature and what have you, but there is no way I could run for more than a minute without some tunes going into my head. 
I listen to every style of music that's out there…rock, heavy metal, country, oldies, pop, jazz…everything.  My ipod has a pretty embarrassing collection loaded onto it.  Some songs I would never publicly admit to having on there even LOL. 
Sometimes, I like to run to really dirty, explicit rap songs LMAO.  I mean, I’m pretty sure that just by listening to these songs I have in someway had an affair with these men.   
Well I am not going to sit here and list all the songs on my ipod (or the ones I would tell you about anyway ;-).  But I do want to share one track I found recently that gets me PUMPED!!  I think I just repeated this track over and over on my last 7 mile run.  It really puts the pep-in-my-step ;-)
What do you guys listen to when you run??  Any special tracks that motivate you??


  1. I have some (well I think so anyway) great tracks on my playlists. Two that I really love that get me pumped up are "Wrong" by Depeche Mode (great beat) and "Uprising" by Muse.

    Two that I love for cool downs are "Hysteric" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and "Running up the Hill" Placebo Version. I have a blog entry on one of my favourite playlists and I definitely plan to talk about music MORE once I get off my arse and start posting more!

    (I need to fix the sound card on my PC, right now I have no sound to listen to your vid - glad you got it to post!!)

  2. Funny!! I, too, have a very eclectic music assortment on my iPod, everything from soundtracks to country, REO Speedwagon to Diana Krall.

  3. LOVE LaRoux! I listen to her a lot while exercising!

  4. Hi Suzi! First off congrats on your amazing journey and success. It's Tim, Bitchcake's Punk Rope instructor. Maybe one of these days we'll get to turn you on to rope jumping. It's such a fun complement to running. Now as far as tunes to run to, I tend to listen to punk because it pumps me up, but a more mainstream band that I like is Peaches and their song Do Ya kicks ass. You can learn more about them here:

    And you can check out Punk Rope at

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys!!

    Tim- AH!! I know you...well I dont "know" you persay but I know of you, thanks to the fabulous Sheryl. I've watched her and her success with punk rope. It looks like *SO* much fun. I dont think there's any classes offered around here in Syracuse NY though :-( But I will certainly keep looking and check the site out. Thanks so much for the comment, it made my day!!

  6. when i first started running i was listening to the kills "midnight boom" on repeat. i liked the predictability of knowing when i would hit a mile based on what song was playing... lately i listen to podcasts i subscribe to like "an american life" "craft sanity" and itunes celebrity playlist. listening to the playlists is fun because even if it's music outside of the genre i normally listen to i like to hear what other people like there are some unexpected chocies i.e. snoop doggy digs frank sinatra...i discover real gems this way. the latest was perez hilton-don't read his blog or follow him but listening to his playlist i found this funny cuban song "don't touch the banana, the banana is for chango"...

  7. Michele- I'll have to check out that song. Thanks!! I love when you can set up your timing like that in a song. I think it helps to keep you going. I never thought about checking out the podcasts either. You are very wise ms. Michele :-)

  8. I love Bulletproof for working out! I also second the Uprising. When I'm driving around or just listening to music I never listen to pop music, but it seems to be really good for workouts. Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Flo-Rida (okay, THAT one is embarrassing) I've got them all on the gym playlist.

    I just found you the other day because you posted a WW recipe that I just made and loved - I just posted a link on my blog to yours, so thanks for saving me the typing! :)


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