Please forgive me, as I have sinned…


I was a very bad girl this weekend.  I mean *bad*.  It’s like I took all that I knew about Weight Watcher’s and threw it out the window.  I just didn’t *want* to care.  I wanted to go out to the bar and have a *normal* beer (that’s Coors Light for me), not one of my watered down staples.  I wanted to eat pizza with the kids and not think about how points I was consuming (I ate 3…oh yeah, then I snuck on when we came home from the bar that early morning).

Then Saturday…and the hangover from hell.  As the sun was shining and the birds were chirping away in the nice warm weather, I sat here day dreaming about running all the while trying not to throw up every time I switched positions on the couch.  Of course all of this lead to guilt, which led me to just say “screw it, I’ll have fun today too!”. 

That brings us to Coopers where we have more beer….fried fish dinner….bacon cheddar fries.  Can I admit here that I literally ate until I felt sick????  That.Is.Disgusting!

Now, I could sit here and think about all the *garbage* that I have put into my system, and about how I let a beautiful weekend of running pass me by, but really…what is all of that guilt going to do??  *Nothing!*

So I bid farewell to the poor choices I made and say that it definitely had its fun moments.  But today is a new day!  2 days of bad eating & drinking does not throw away all the good days I have had to work off these 64.6 lbs!! 

Today I will take FULL advantage of the gorgeous weather we are having.  Actually it is the warmest day of the whole weekend.  So far I have already had my water, 2 servings of V8 fusion light (2 pts) my vitamins, and right now I am sipping on a cup of coffee (0) and a bagel thin (1) with WW cream cheese (1).  After I finish my little meal I will get ready to go out there and run in the lovely sunshine.

I will not let my poor decisions of the past hold me back from making good decisions in the future! 

I will not let my guilt take over my actions!

I will not let my poor actions of the past to bring me down today!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! XOXO


  1. You go, hon!! It happens to all of us and I dare say it won't be the last time you indulge a little more than you should, but as you say, guilt won't change or solve anything. Move on. It was a moment, not a lifetime. Its ok.

  2. Good girl! You have the right attitude.

  3. Awesome! Get out and enjoy the great weather!!! :)

  4. Thanks so much everybody!! We all have moments like these. I have definitely moved past mine. Thanks for all the support. You guys are the best!! XOXO

  5. Hey girl, if you want to feel a little better about overeating on the weekends out my posts from over the weekend theres an cool link I posted!

  6. Keri- Awesome! I will go check it out. Thanks ;-)

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