One “New” thing a week


So for the past 3 weeks now I have been making an effort to try one new thing a week.  So far these are all food related but I do plan on stretching them out to other area’s of my life.  (What that will be, I have no clue!)

Wait…I take that back, this past weekend I did actually *track my beer points* and what I ate Friday night.  I haven't done that in well, probably forever.  I counted all of my beer points over the weekend actually.  That is something “new” I guess huh??

Well anyways…With the encouragement of my WW leader about a month back, during one of our meetings she said to try and pick just one thing a week out at the grocery store to try.  Here is how it’s going so far:

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze-  Awesome!!  I know it doesn't have as much calcium as Silk does, but this is delicious and very low in points.  You get 8 oz (1 cup) for 1 point.  I love to add it to my cereal with a packet of substitute sweetener (I’m still working on cutting that out completely, but being the girl who was once knows as “would you like some coffee with that sugar?” I’m not sure it will happen any time soon).

Broccoli Sprouts-  My best friend Kimberly always talks about broccoli sprouts, and how good they are for you and how she just grabs them right out of the container and eats them raw.  Because she is a very wise soul and I trust her dearly, I just knew I had to try them.  Well…eh.  Now, to give her (and the sprouts) the benefit of the doubt, I did accidently buy a “blend” which apparently has radish sprouts and something else in them.  I would maybe give these another chance if they were just plain broccoli sprouts….or is this just how they come??  :/

Kumato Tomatoes-  Absolutely delicious!!  They look kind of weird, for a tomato, but they have a nice delicate, mild flavor.  I used these in a chicken recipe I will post later this week and they held up nicely.  Also great to eat as a snack! 


So what are some suggestions you guys might have for me to try??  What about celery root or jicama??  What would you like to try that's different to you that maybe you have been wanting to try (in my case, that was the Almond Breeze)??  It’s amazing how much you can “spice” up your week by just adding one or two new things into the mix. 

Also, I want to wish a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!!  I hope you are all having a fun and safe holiday.  I am making some WW-Friendly Guinness beef stew and enjoying a few Guinness’s myself.  I normally would never drink the night before my WI, but I had just an awful day at work today and I just love St. Patrick’s Day…so I am making this exception. 


  1. I love jicama! I had some today as a matter of fact! :) My BF thought it was potato when I added it to his bag of veggies that I put in his lunch. lol :) Silly boy!

  2. You will also fall in love with BroccoSprouts. Make sure you buy this brand bc it's the only one that actually measures the 'good' stuff which protects you against cancer. We have bunches of great recipes on our site and facebook page. I personally can not eat them straight out of the container but I do put them in everything. Try them on tacos - yum!

  3. TJ- You are like the Jicama queen in my mind, lol. I definitely have to give it a try!!

    Edamommy- Thanks for the site!! I definitely want to give these another try. With all the health benefits you get from broccoli sprouts, how could I not?!?! I'm determined to fall in love with them. Thanks so much again!!

  4. Edamommy- WOAH thats weird....I DID buy this kind, lol! I bought the 'salad blend' though, not realizing that it was a mix and not pure broccoli sprouts (my first time buying them, I guess I should have paid better attention). I bought them at my local Wegmans grocery store. Next time I will look to see if they carry the BroccoSprouts. I dont like radishes and I think thats what made me kind of "eh" to these.


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