Every pound matters


Tonight was my Weight Watchers meetings and it was *fantastic*.  Not only was I greatly surprised by what great result the scale had for me, but the energy in tonight's meeting was so positive and bursting at the seams!

So here’s my quick recap of my success this week:

  • I was down 3.2 lbs this week!!  This was completely shocking to me.  For those of you who follow me on twitter, you have been unfortunate enough to hear me complain all week about this stomach virus I have had and how I have been having some “difficulties”.  I was so surprised to see a loss…especially one like this, due to my “disorder” the past 3 days LOL.  Now please keep in mind that my meeting was cancelled last week due to the snow, so this is a combination of 2 weeks.  I think my leader forgot about that when she says we have to watch how fast I lose. :/  Anyways, this puts me at 64.6 lbs lost total so far!!  It just doesn't seem real to me most of the time. 
  • I ran 3 times this week and all of those runs were over 3 miles!  I had a nice 6.12 mile run on Saturday, 4 miles on Sunday and then despite all my stomach pain on Tuesday, I ran 3.27 ( I kind of just ran in hopes it would “get things moving”). Since I’ve been doing longer runs I’ve been taking more days off and its really not that good for me.  I need to be more consistent and this week I was!  This weekend is supposed to be full of sunshine and low 40 degree weather…you can catch me running outside this weekend!!!!
  • At out last meeting we talked about eating out and I had mentioned how it sucks when you try to make a healthy choice and it ends up tasting horrible and you end up eating again because you are not satisfied.  I talked about this local diner I went to recently where I got this awful chicken salad…it was basically 1/2 day old warm ice burg lettuce with a piece of dried out chicken breast on top.  This diner is normally good so I was surprised.  Well one of the guys who attends my meeting is friends with the owner of the market and he told him about what I said.  He gave my friend a $15 gift card to give to me as an apology and to please come in again and try another salad.  How awesome is that?!?!

Tonight's meeting was special to me thought because of any personal triumphs.  It was the celebrations of those around me that really put the smile on my face tonight.  We had *SO* many cute 5 lb stars to give out tonight, a 10% charm and a goal “gold” key!!!!  The 5 lb stars ranged everywhere from 20 lbs down to 6 lbs, but its the look on peoples faces that really stood out.  It didn't matter whether you were the one getting the 20 or the 6 lb star…you had a shit-eating grin on your face!!  Every single person was beaming at their loses and *they should be*. 

Just like my leader said…it doesn't matter how much you lose, what matters is that you are making the healthy choices in your life that will stick with you forever and will help to keep you around for another day.  We all have those moments where we only see that we are down .2 or .6 and we think to ourselves “it should have been more!” and we get frustrated.  It happens to us all more than we would like.  But its important to remember to keep going strong and that all those little .2’s & .6’s will add up to greater, larger numbers in our weight loss efforts.   

I know this saying is overused and honestly, sometimes I want to punch the person who came up with it, but it couldn't be more the truth…..”slow and steady wins the race.”

If you don’t think 1 lb is a lot…here an image to show you what 1 lb of fat looks like:

1 lb fat 

                                 Image found here

So congratulations to all my friends at my meeting tonight who got to celebrate in their success and be proud of it!!  You put an enormous smile on my face tonight.  I will think about all of you as I go into this week trying to make the best decisions possible for myself.

And remember…every step, big or small, counts!! 


  1. Congrats on a great COUPLE of weeks! :) I love how positive my meetings are too! it is a great group-lots of talkers- and everyone cheers for each other. :) All of those small losses add up, I know all about that! :) xoxo

  2. You are such a rock star!!!! So excited for you!

  3. congratulations on your loss girl! I may not be seeing a great loss this week but your blog put a smile on my face and you know what? I will be alright!! ps- that pound of fat is gross. hahaha

  4. Thanks for the positive post, I needed that! And the lb of fat, ew!

  5. Thank you for this pic! Mind pictures are the best!

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