Hello lovelies!!  I hope that everyone is having a happy Friday.  I know that I am very glad it is the weekend!!  We have the SU Orange basketball game tonight and then Frankie is going golfing with his brother tomorrow morning.  I picked up that new Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown dvd that every one keeps talking about so I think I will try that in the morning.  I need to start spicing up my workout routine and add in some more workouts other than just running. 

Now it’s time for a delicious, yet uber simple recipe to take us into the weekend…

Do you every think to yourself “ugh, I guess it’s chicken for dinner tonight…again!”, or the one I more acquainted with, your spouse saying “Oh Jesus, more chicken?!?!”. 

Yeah…it happens.  As great and nutritious as chicken be, it can also get to be plain old sick and tiring!!  I always try to research to find fancy new recipes and such but lets be honest here…it does not take much to add some “jazz hands” to chicken.   

For example, here is a recipe I threw together earlier this week with some items I had in my refrigerator. 


-2 large chicken breasts, filleted into 4 breasts

-2 Kumato Tomatoes (any kind of tomato will work, these are just the fancy ones I picked up at the grocery store this week. I like to be a fancy pants sometimes.)

-Reduced Fat, or Fat Free (yuck!…oh, I mean YUM :/ ) Mozzarella cheese

- Spices like Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, oregano, what-ever-the-hell-you-have-in-the-pantry-seasoning


First, take the chicken breast and Season Away!!  You might want to shake your spices like they are maracas and dance around…it’s cRaZy fun!!

 chicken 001

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, flip and cook another 15 minutes or so depending on thickness.  While those are cooking you can cut up these gems…

chicken 004

What the F*ck?!?!

chicken 010

Ok, if you say so…

chicken 011

Oooooh, yummy!!

chicken 012

Once the chicken is cooked all the way through place the sliced tomatoes on top of chicken…about 3 to 4 tomatoes per breast (hee hee, I said breast) depending on size

chicken 013

Then top each breast (there I go again!) with 1/4 cup of the mozzarella

chicken 014

Then place under broiler for a couple of minutes…make sure to watch it so it doesn’t burn, and VOILA!

chicken 015

It was delicious!!  Even Frank loved it.  Simple, cheap, easy (no, we are not talking about me here!) and only 5 pts if you ate the smaller chicken breast or you could use set points and say 7 for a larger portion. 

Just another way to think outside the box and when it comes to using what you have in the box!      That makes no sense huh…oh well. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. mmm that looks good! :) Love the pics! Ive never had that kinda tomato...interesting!

  2. TJ- Haha...that one of me sniffing the tomato is hilarious, LOL. I dont even look like myself in the picture. As far as the tomatoes go, I just came across them in the Super Market. They pretty much tasted like a regular tomato but a bit milder. For $2.99 for 5 of them, thats cheaper than buying the ones off the vine around here.

  3. That sounds (and looks) amazing. Thanks for the recipe. I love new ideas for chicken. I had to laugh when your spouse says "oh jesus, more chicken" i've heard some variation of that. My man's southern so its something like "I reckon we sure do eat some pile of chicken". haha have a fab weekend!!

  4. Keri- LOL....I'm going to start making Frank put it that way and use the word "reckon" more. I love it!! Maybe I would get less annoyed at him....maybe :/ LOL

  5. Dam that looks good...I'm trying that..

  6. Stumbled across your blog & LOVE IT! You have a creative way of writing & it's like I can hear you talking & I laughed out loud quite a few times. Thanks for the chuckle! This recipe looks amazing...I can't wait to try it!

  7. Dave- Well Damn, you better invite me over when you do because I want to eat it again, LOL.

    Brittni- Awww thanks hun!! My desperate attempts at humor have paid off a bit then I guess ;-) xoxo


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