Valentines Day


So here it is…the recap from Valentines Day!!  Let me just start by saying that this was by far, the best Valentines Day I have ever had.  I feel so blessed!!  I couldn’t help but feel crazy in love with my man.

To start the day, Frank brought me home a dozen red roses from the store.  This was quote a surprise because I wasn’t expecting any flowers:

Valentines Day 001  

Then it was about time to get ready.  Here is me with my hair & makeup done…you cant really see it, but I have some awesome faux lashes on that made me feel very much like Betty Boop, lol:

Valentines Day 004

And well, lets just cut to the chase.  Here are pictures myself and then me and my man.  He picked out his own outfit on Friday…this was also a surprise to me!!  He looked SOOOOOO gorgeous.  I was in awe!!

So these were taken after dinner (we were running late and didn't have a chance to take them before.)  I'm not crazy about this picture because I don't think it does me or the dress justice.  But whatever:

Valentines Day 010

My handsome boyfriend:

Valentines Day 008 

Me and my man:

Valentines Day 023

My all time favorite picture of us:

Valentines Day 011

And last but not least…my valentines day present from Frank…the key to his heart (with diamonds!) Oh, and I also got a very nice sentimental card, which is SO not like him…he said he even read a few of them and really put some effort into it, lol.:


Dinner was amazing as usual.  And we didn't have to wait the normal 2 hours to be seated which was nice.  We had the Calamari, followed by our usual Steak and Lobster.  It was delicious!!  It was so much food though that I couldn’t even finish mine.  Then we came home and did a bunch of X-rated stuff, watched a movie, then did some more x-rated stuff. ;-)

I felt like a million dollars!!!!!  And not only because of the dress, or my weight loss, but also because the man that I had on my side.  I am truly blessed to have him in my life and I love him immensely!!


  1. Awesome. You look amazing! The necklace is gorgeous. Glad the day was what you hoped.

  2. You look SO beautiful, Suzi! And it sounds like such a special and memorable Valentine's Day. Good for you!!!!!

  3. Thank you guys so much!!!! I never even cared about Valentines Day before we got together. The day is kind of special to us for certain reasons. It truly was a great day.

  4. You looked beautiful! Love the dress! :) I really like that necklace! Very cool! :) SO glad you had a Great V-Day! :)

  5. You look completely gorgeous! So glad it was a fabulous day and evening!!

  6. love it all....I'm glad the day was everything you wanted it to be!

  7. I've been following on Twitter and wanted to stop by. What a nice Valentines day you had. You are truly blessed b/c good men are hard to find. Believe me I know, and I won't get into the fact that my gift came in a brown paper, really it did.

  8. Thank you SO SO SO much everyone for the super sweet comments. A lot of the confidence I carried around that day came from the wonderful comments and support you all have given me these past couple of weeks. It truly means the a lot to me.

    Me So Hongry- Well, I guess I am supposed to say "well at least you got something right?" but SERIOUSLY?? Give me a name and address and I will go teach someone a little something if I have to, lol.

  9. OMG I am *just* seeing this post! what an awesome Valentines Day!! and you and your man???? HOTNESS!

  10. im being a creep and going through and reading everyone's old blogs, and OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

    i'm so glad i "met" you, man. reading your blogs inspire me so much. you're like one of my gurus, for real. you answer all of my dumb questions and listen to me bitch, and i really, really appreciate it. :)

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