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So as I stated in the last joke of a blog post…I have been suffering a severe case of writers block this week.  I just couldn’t seem to get the words I wanted to say to fit together.  I would sit here and think about what I wanted to write about and I got a whole lot of dead space in my head (more so than usual!). 

Well I am happy to say that inspiration came to me today!!  So thank you all for being so very patient with me.  Hopefully you are all still reading :-)

The weather here in Syracuse was fairly descent today.  No snow, a few glimpses of sunshine & the temperature was about 35 degrees.  Not too shabby for the end of February, right after a snow storm!  I’ve been wanting to re-calibrate my Nike+ sensor & try out the new GPS running app I downloaded on my phone.  I’m happy to say that the Nike+ is now only a few steps off (before it was a little less than a 1/4 mile off maybe) & the app works GREAT!  100% accurate as far as distance goes, but my pace showed a bit slower. 

Anyways…my run was very nice.  My muscles were very stiff though from yesterdays 6+ mile run and I just couldn't seem to loosen up.  I’m sure the fact that it is still pretty darn cold out & running next to a giant lake had something to do with that too.  After my run was finished and I was cooling down, I made this little fella:


Isn’t he a cutie!  I’m sorry to say that his time on this earth is probably being spent as a puddle of water now. 

After my fun at the park it was time for me to grocery shopping.  I didn't need to pick up a lot of things really, just a few of my staples.  But lately I have had a hard time getting “excited” about the food I find.  It just seems to be all the same old boring crap!  Obviously if you aren’t happy with the food you are eating, you wont feel very satisfied.  And that can be dangerous all around!

Well I’ve been trying to pick up a few new things here and there.  And I’ve decided to document them here for you so maybe they will inspire *you* to try something new and exciting!!  And hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions!!

foodblog 001

It took me FOREVER to finally try an Amy’s organic product!  I have always heard great things about this line from WW followers for years.  This burrito is AWESOME!  It’s only 6 pts and is very filling and cheesy and just yummy all over!

foodblog 003 

I am a ranch-a-holic!  I use light ranch for everything!  First of all it took me *YEARS* to even switch to light ranch, lol.  I’m the gal who likes a side of ranch with her steak. ;-)  But I have decided to save the ranch for some veggies and try this bad boy out on some salad!  It is only 1 pt for 2 tbsp and it sounds pretty good.  It might take me some time to get used to using a non-creamy salad dressing, but I am willing to give it a try.

foodblog 007

Yay for yummy fruits!!  I got some blackberries to go in my cereal, and some cute little Clementine’s to put some fruit in my fridge. Fruit in CNY this time of year is very hard to come by but I try the best I can.

foodblog 006 

And for when I don't feel like trying too hard, I will have this to run to.  It’s only 1 pt for 1 cup and that gives you a 1/4 cup serving of fruits & vegetables.  It’s funny because I cannot stand the taste of V8, but I tried this stuff once and its not too bad.

foodblog 010

This isn’t really new to me but I wanted to share.  I found this is my local supermarkets organic section and I am in *love* with it.  It is made of pure 100% apples and that is it!  It is barely 1 pt for 1 tbsp, but I only use a teaspoon which is 0 pts.  I didn't know what to do with this when I bought it but I decided to use a little bit on top of my WW bagel & WW cream….it is heavenly!!  I haven’t thought of anything else so if anyone has any idea’s, please let me know!

foodblog 011 

I *finally* found bagel thins!!!!!  I had one today and they are AWESOME!!  Due to there being very little onion and its mostly dried, I was able to get the ‘everything’ kind (for those of you who don’t know, I am allergic to Onion, but I can handle small doses of dried).  These are only 1 pt per bagel!!  The Arnolds sandwich thins I’ve been using forever, but I broke away from my usual multi-grain to try the new honey wheat.  These are also only 1 pt per sandwich.

foodblog 013  

This is another one of those items that I heard about for years but haven’t tried till recently.  It is now one of my staple items.  I use 1 cup of it for 1 pt in morning cereal.  Definitely has a bit more flavor to it than just plain old FF milk. 

foodblog 015

I’ll be honest…I have no freaking clue on what to do with this.  I hear people talking about it and how its healthy and blah blah blah…I found it at my local dollar store and said “hey, why not!”.  Dos anyone have any good idea’s or suggestions as what I can do with this?  It says it’s 3 pts for 1 tbsp. 


Well there you have it!  That’s obviously not everything I bought, but again, it’s the more interesting items that I got.  Hopefully it will keep me excited about what I eat this week!


  1. Love your food finds! I love Amy's products! They are all over California (SF Bay Area) because Amy and her family- who I've met, live here! They are nice people. :) Plus the bagel thins are delish! love them! :)

  2. Love the post, you could probably use that apple spread in oatmeal. I'm always looking for new flavors to throw into mine. Don't ya just love grocery day?

  3. ps- you have such strong will with that Reese Pb egg in your fridge.. lol I bought two and they're both gone. I split them but still... lol

  4. Tey didn't have the everthing bagels at the store I went to. As a matter of fact, I found the bagel thins but it was the last pack, and I decided not to get them. Plus I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat on the bagels. I love those sandwich thins. I make a great 2 pt snack with the thins and some deli luch meat.

    I checked out the Amy's product and the sodium content was too high for the items I wanted. I take blood pressure meds :-(

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. oops I meant they not tey...

    What brand is that all natural chicken sausage you ate in your salad today?

  6. Me So Hongry- I am obssesed with those bagel thins now!! SOOOO good.

    The chicken sausage I get is by Al Fresco. There is a link to them in the recipe blog I just posted.

    Keri- I love the idea with the oatmeal. Thank you!! And next time you decide to have a pb-egg...please give the other to me :-)

    TJ- That's awesome that you got to meet Amy & her family! I think it's great what that company has done for organic products. I know people who wont touch "organic crap" as they call it, but they love a good Amy's meal ;-)

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