It’s like a dream



I really can’t believe it…I’m in complete and utter shock…

I was down 2 lbs at my weigh-in tonight.  That puts me at *61.4* lbs lost so far.  It still doesn’t seem real to me.  It almost feels like yesterday that I began this journey, when in reality it was over a year and a 1/2 ago.  One girl came up to me after the meeting to tell me how amazing I look and how she can’t believe the transformation in just the past couple of months.  Two other ladies stopped me out by my car to tell me what an inspiration I am and that I am a role model to them.  I was in awe by them.  Little do they know how much they inspire me. 

Tonight’s meeting was about ‘Eating Out’ (ok seriously…do you have ANY idea how hard it was not to laugh uncontrollably when my leader said that??  And if you don't think it’s funny, you are lying.).  I do dine out occasionally.  I try to keep it for special occasions or the such.  It’s definitely not something I do multiple times a week, nor would want to.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I always try my best when I know I am going to be dining out (I’m sorry, I can’t say “eating out” anymore right now) I try my best to look up menus, NI, whatever I think might help me to make the best choices possible.  I also try to take in account *why* I am dining out that particular time.  For example…this past Valentines Day:  This was a moment that Frank and I share together every year and it has grown to mean a lot to the both of us. I didn't go buck wild or anything, but I also didn't strictly count my points and only eat within them. 

This method doesn't work for everyone, and sometimes, it doesn't work for me 100%.  But I do find myself accountable.  The Weight Watchers term we learned tonight was ‘Flexible Resistance’ and I like that a lot. 

I did think about one thing I have to work on though and that is about my habits *after* my Weight Watchers meeting.  It’s funny because I can sit her and write to you all about my fabulous results and how great I feel, but in reality, I kind of feel like garbage now.  I ate junky fast-food, which I have been trying to cut out.  It seems to be a growing habit each week that right after I go and grab something quick for Frank and I on Thursday nights.  I need to work on cutting this out.  I need to stop using the excuse of my WI and him leaving right after I get home to go play guitar for a few hours as an excuse to pig away.  I am confident that I can improve on this.

However…I am not giving up my Thursday night beers because as I have already stated for the lent season….I am giving up trying to give up beer, because that's just plain silly…and stupid. ;-)  


  1. Ha ha, I agree. You know all about my "lent" thing and I am not giving up beer either. That's just crazy talk! Anywho, I am super duper proud of you for hitting such an amazing milestone! Congrats! But I think it's equally great that you realize you should work on that habit - before it gets out of control. I <3 you, Suzi!

  2. I am so proud of you...I dont know how you do it week after week girl...well actually I do :) ....HUGS

  3. bitchcakes- Thank you so much!! I know you WILL succeed in your recent quest. You said super duper, hee hee....I <3 you too!!

    Ashley- Thank you!!!! I dont know how the hell I do it either sometimes, lol. I was beating myself up for not running as much this week, but I guess it worked out for the best...I'm glad I listened to my body.

  4. What a wonderful post and full of excitment. You deserve a hand and a good pat on the back! Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey there, just discovered your blog from Kat's open mic. The fact that you're a Weight Watcher and a beer drinker is enough to convince me to follow. hahaha. Hope you'll check in on me too.

    Keri @

  6. Congrats on a GREAT week! :) I love my WW meetings and I had a similar experience after a meeting once. It sure is a great feeling! :) I think back and when I first started WW I use to reward myself after WI, with FOOD! lol I had to change that...especially when those daily points started to get :)

  7. I like how you call it "dining out". Good compromise. ;)


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