I love Emily Smolak

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And yes…I would fight her husband for her love if it came down to it!
I know I just did a “blog love’ post…but this one goes out to a special, dear friend…
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I first want to start with saying that I am not only doing this blog post because she was so kind and wonderful as to put one about me up on her blog, but that I am doing it because I’ve been thinking about it since I *started* this whole blogging thing.  If it wasn’t for her, I never would have done this.  Hell, I would barely even know what blog or blogging meant.

Everyone seriously needs to head over to her blog RIGHT NOW…Sassy Smolak

She finds the most adorable DYI projects out there!!  She has such a great vision and every one of her cute posts are sure to put a smile on your face.  She also planned the most GORGEOUS Autumn wedding (the photo above is from her blog, please, please, *please* head over and check out all the amazing wedding photo’s that her uber-talented photographer (who’s name I cannot remember right now…so there is another reason why you NEED to visit her blog!) was able to capture.

Emily is also a very successful weight-watchers follower who every day tries a little bit harder.  She may not admit this, or will try to disagree, but dont let her fool you!  You wont find any information about her journey with that on her blog though…her blog is the adorable distraction to make you *not* think about food, lol.

Her name is Emily *Sassy* Smolak…and I love her!

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  1. And I love you!!! Thank you so much for this completely adorable post, and for the lovely comments about my attempts with WW's. Your support means the world to me!! This is just so sweet I can't get over it!

    Thank you lovely lady!!!


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