Housewife day dreams…

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If I could (and if it was 1952) I would love to walk around the house (or should I say Townhouse, since that’s what we live in :-/) and bake brownies and cupcakes all day wearing this:


This dress comes from the wonderful Pinup Girl Clothing.  They have so many cute finds there!  Even if you are not into all of the “pinup” or “retro” style, there are many great items there.  Head over there now!!

Of course, I would need a cute apron to wear though so I don’t ruin my gorgeous dress…

This great treasure was found over at Girly Aprons:


I know that it would clash with the dress, but I have a thing for cherry blossom prints.  I guess If I have to…I’ll just wear the apron and rock some killer heels ;-)


I plan on trying some great desert recipes here soon.  I’m not a big desert or sweets fan but every now and then I get the urge to indulge a little.  And thanks to all my wonderful blog readers here, I have been pointed to some wonderful recipes.  Sadly, I will not be looking as cute as I would if I had these clothes to dress up in, but a girl can pretend right!!

It really is sad that I do not own one single apron though…does someone want to send me one?? LOL.

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  1. I love this style. It reminds me of Bitch cakes' style which I absolutely love. I need to banish a few rolls before I attempt this look. Thanks for sharing.


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