What to do in 2010??

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I'm not a girl who really believes in making a New Years Resolution.  There is so much pressure applied to them and usually by the 3rd week most people have forgotten what resolution they even made!  Instead, I like to make a list (I'm a person who LOVES lists, and I make them for just about everything) of what I call "goals" for 2010.  These are things that I am hoping to do or at least try to do.  There's nothing extreme like end world hunger or anything, but sometimes it's the small things you do that add up to make one big great feeling.  So here is my list for 2010:
  1. To lose another 35-45 lbs.-  I am already down 51.8 (ok, im probably up a few cause of the holidays but thats according to my last WI a few weeks ago) and losing at least another 35 will put at a place that is close to my goal and will let me become a Lifetime Member.
  2. Train for & run the Philly Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon- I plan to get in a good amount of 5K's and run my very first 10K this spring & through the summer.  The 1/2 marathon is in September and I know I will be ready!  Plus my boyfriend and I are going to make a mini vacation out of it!!
  3. Go to the Dentist for a cleaning- Dentist=Devil. If you know me personally I just went through some oral surgery and it was awful.  I hate the sound/smell...everything! But I will go & get a cleaning this year....I guess :-/
  4. Schedule a physical with my Dr.- After having a health scare with my heart this past fall, I feel its important I go and get a full physical done at some point.  I figure sometime in the spring, once my running is back to full gear, will be a good time. Also, Sheryl and her wonderful blog *Bitch Cakes* inspired me to do this.  Her blog inspires me to do a lot of stuff though, so I would definitely check it out!
  5. Start getting into Yoga again- I used to do this a few times a week.  I have the dvd's and everything.  I would like to do it at least once a week from home.
  6. Take a family vacation- With my Frankie and his 11 year old son....and not spaze out the whole time ;-)
  7. Learn how to do a pushup!- I've already enlisted my boyfriend to train me
  8. Go to the eye Dr's- I normally do this anyways, because I have to get my contacts...I'm really blind.  But I threw it on this list because I figured it was an easy one to cross off ;-)
  9. Start painting/drawing again- I went to college to be a graphic designer...got my degree in multi-media design & what do I do?  Sell fasteners, LOL. I want to get back into art, more so just for myself rather than for anything else.
  10. No or WAY less Fast Food-  I dont eat a lot of it now, obviously.  But I probably have it at least twice a month. Usually Thursdays after my meetings I give myself a "free pass" and Frankie normally goes to play guitar with his buddies shortly after I get home, so I just grab something quick. If I'm going to give myself a "free pass" I'm going to try and have it be with something homemade.  
  11. Try one new WW recipe a month- Whether I find it online, their magazine or at my meeting.  I want to try at least 1 new WW recipe a month. 
  12. Start a blog- DONE!!  As I said yesterday, I've thought about it for months now. The thing that held me back the most is that I'm not big on certain aspects of the internet....you'll never find me on facebook or myspace, and even my twitter account is protected.  The way I think...if you don't know whats going on with my right now in my life, it's because I don't want you too. But I get so inspired by other peoples blogs, and through Emily's (here adorable blog is here: Sassy Smolak )"DO IT" e-mails, I decided to give it a go.
So there it is...my list of goals for 2010!!  2009 was a tough year for me...my mom had skull replacement surgery, I had a few health issues, there were a lot of deaths around us, financially we have been struggling big (and still are! c'mon taxes!) but I also had a lot of triumphs.  I lost a ton of weight, I became a runner, I've made a great re-connection in my life with an old friend (Kim!!).  I normally don't like to say stuff like this, but I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be good year!!  I see a lot of self growth.  Here's to a happy & healthy one for all!!!!!


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