Take me to your leader!!

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Ok...not THAT leader!! 

My last Weight Watchers meeting was December 17th, 2009. This one was monumental for me in many different ways. I got my 50 lbs lost award, but at the same time I was in a lot of pain and pretty drugged up from just having some oral surgery done the day before. Unfortunately I could not stay for my meeting that night and I will probably never forget that one I missed for this reason....

My leader, Chris, pulled me off to the side to tell me that tonight was her last meeting. I was devastated!! Here I was, getting my 50 lb award, and it seemed like everything else was falling apart. I was so upset that I couldn’t not stay (and believe me, I SO wanted to) and be in her very last WW meeting. She gave me a great big hug and told me that I have been doing amazing and to keep up the great work and keep the rest of the members laughing. I cried like the little girl that I am. Then she gave me my award in front of all the people that were already there. I will miss her so much and I'm so sad that that is how I had to say goodbye...but I guess I should be happy that I got to say goodbye, because I almost didn’t go at all, but Frank offered to bring me over there real quick so I could weigh-in at least.

Well, tonight I get to see what damage I did or may have un-done and I get to meet our new leader!! I'm excited & nervous. I've had some bad experiences with some leaders in the past. Let me be honest & put it this way....there are a lot of old crotchety old bags that work & go to WW. For some reason when they see me, you know, the girl with black hair and tattoo's all over, apparently they think I am going to cause trouble. I mean seriously....what am I possibly going to do?? Steal your bag of baby carrots out of your car or something?? Anyways....I am trying to keep an open, positive mind that the new leader will be GREAT! And if she gives me a funny look off the bat, I will be sure to let her know that her carrots are safe with me. ;-)



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