Running In A Winter Wonderland

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Thanks to all the wonderful gear I got yesterday, I was able to take my run outdoors today!  This is technically my first “winter run”.  I’ve been having to resort to running on my treadmill at home due to the crazy cold temperatures and insane amounts of snow.  If there’s one thing Central New York is known for, it’s our extreme winters. 

I checked the weather and there was a chance of snow, temperature at the time was 18 degrees, but with the wind chill that brought the temperature to feel about 5 degrees and the wind was gusting at about 13 mph.  When I opened the front door my exact word were “holy sh*t it’s cold!”.  But the sun was shinning.  All I wanted to do was *try* it.  So try it I did!

And here’s how today’s run went:


With the wind in my face throughout most of the run, it definitely was a challenge.  I also had some slight hills to run but that was exciting.  And even though some of the roads were nothing but slippery slush, I managed not to fall!!  I really wasn’t planning on going a certain amount of miles, but I knew I wanted to get in at least 3.  I’m happy with 4.27.

Running outside in weather like that all of the time is definitely not my thing, as I’m really not a fan of cold weather.  But at least I can say I did it, and that I *can* do it.  I will most certainly be trying to get out there a little bit more this winter.

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