Progress Pictures

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this blog but I think I will do it tonight.  Being back at my first WW meeting since the Christmas holiday, I was down 1 lb!!  Not bad considering I had a little bit of a binge at New Years.  This puts me at a total of 52.8 lbs lost total so far.  That amazes me!!  I can't believe I have come that far.  It seems just like yesterday I was telling my ww gals that I have 80 lbs to lose.

Anyways....I am finding the strength to post here they are:

I was probably close to 260 here.                               
About 5 months before I rejoined WW                                

I had lost a good amount, but I wasnt serious about WW

And then today!!

Ready to take action and kick out those last pounds!!

When I lost 80 lbs before on WW, I felt that I could take on the world.  In reality....I was blinded.  So much had changed in my life.  The man I had spent 7 years of my life with, I decided I no longer wanted to spend any more with.  I had realized that my college degree had been wasted, yet I was comfortable.  I got into another relationship that was built on lies and desires...and then I found love and life...and gained the 80 lbs back. :-)

This focus is on me and the life I want for myself.  I know the others around me are here for me and I want them right where they are.  I have about, well...19 more lbs to get to where I will have started off thinking, and less than 15 to be where I was when I first started the first time.  I cant believe I am already out of the 200's!!!! 

The greatness has just begun!!

Also, as I mentioned before...We met our new leader tonight and she is AWESOME!!  She is so much fun.  She is a behavioral psychologist which should be interesting.  And she is goofy, and sometimes talkative, but in a super fun way!!  I am really looking forward to learning from her.    


  1. OMG I am SO proud of you!!! You are beautiful! xo

  2. Thank you so much!! That means a lot to me. From one kick a$$ WW're to another.....WE ROCK!!

  3. Hi, I'm from the WW boards. You look so good! I don't want this to come of wrong/weird, but even at your highest I never would have guessed 260, you have an awesome hour-glass shape!

  4. @jennifer Well thank you very much ;-) I appreciate that very much!!

  5. Seriously happy for you...and love the fact that I'm sitting here, beer in hand and reading the title of your blog! (I got my APs today and I also have some remaining DPs left too.) I mean seriously, who can watch football with out drinking a beer or two?!

  6. That is AWESOME!!! Congratulations! I just went to my first meeting since before Christmas and I maintained. I was pleased and shocked I hadn't gained! I love the pictures!! Way to go!

  7. Now...when you say a beer or mean either a 6 or 12 pack right??!! RIGHT??!! ;-)

  8. Way to go Megan!! Maintaining through the holidays is something to be MAJORLY proud of!! Keep up the AWESOME work!!

  9. Wow, you are doing great!! Love your blog :) You are an inspiration.


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