My Brand New Baby-Blue




I am currently writing to you all from the comfort of my couch!!  My wonderful and lovely boyfriend let us buy a new laptop for the house…well, I say for the “house” to sound nice, but really its just for me LOL.  I am using this crazy little thing called ‘Windows Live Writer’ to write this blog.  Pretty neat!!  As a mac girl, I must say that so far I am very impressed with this.

I’m at a computer all day at work, so the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit at another desk.  But this way I can sit back and relax and hopefully become more involved in not only my own blog, but in others as well. 

I went to the store today to pick up all the ingredients for the new recipe I am going to try tomorrow.  I also remembered to stop and get a battery for my camera.  I can not wait to take pictures and blog the recipe!!  Seems silly and trivial, but whatever…it excites me!

On a WW note…I have not been very good the past day or two.  Yesterday I didnt track and I indulged in some fatty foods, and of course, plenty of beer!  This morning I had good intentions on getting back on track, but we took the boy to breakfast and well, I guess I didnt do too bad, but not great either.  We are having my mother over for dinner today and I am making lasagna.  Also she asked for Frankie to make his delicious devil eggs…uh oh!  SO needless to say, it looks like today will be another day of not working out, and not tracking….I’m going to let this slide though and not beat myself up about it.  I’ve been doing amazingly well lately so I’m going to cut myself some slack.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I will pick myself up and start fresh tomorrow!!


  1. You are gonna have days like that. Just don't let it derail you completely. I am glad I found you again. That was scary. I hate to lose relatives!

  2. AZGypsie- Thanks. The lasagna came in at 13.6 lbs....whoa! It was delicious though. Since we were celebrating my moms birthday, I did have one cannoli. I am BEYOND stuffed. Like, physically hurting from being full. Ugh! Well, like I said before. What's done is done and tomorrow is a new day. I had my fun. Party is over.

    I'm glad you found me again too...I'd hate to lose a new relative. ;-)

  3. you look Great ! Congratulations on dropping 55 lbs.

  4. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate that. xo


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