It’s Official!!


Sometimes victories that are the greatest are the ones that are not made on the scale….

First, I will start by saying that I was up .8 at my WI tonight.  I knew I would be up and to be honest, I’m surprised it was only by that much.  I am perfectly ok with this because I knew what I had done to get to that.  But I also know that since getting right back on track last Sunday, that I have made a lot of great accomplishments this week.  I already talked about all of this in this blog though. 

So now onto today’s great news…..


I am officially signed up for the Philadelphia Rock –N- Roll 1/2 Marathon!!!!!!  I have been talking about it for over a month now, and today (thanks to my tax refund) I was finally able to make it a reality. 

As it said in my official letter this morning from the team..I am “officially a member of a very auspicious club and about to embark on a life changing journey.”  I don’t know about you guys, but that sure sounds like fun to me!!

I know its so far away….September 19th to be exact, but I am SO excited.  I can’t believe I am going to train & run 13.1 miles.  That’s INSANE!!  It seems like yesterday I was struggling to just run 13 seconds!!  The other great part about this is that Frank and I are planning on making a mini-vacation out of this.  Have I mentioned that we’ve never gone on vacation, just the two of us.  I’m beyond excited for the ENTIRE experience!!

My goal is not so much my time (though I am hoping for 2:30 or under) but just to be able to say that I crossed the finish line!  I in no way want to become this crazy distance runner (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but I just want to be able to say that I can complete a nice long run.  I want to be able to run to the point where running 6 miles is comfortable and running 10 or so is considered a long run for myself.  Running is fun and should stay that way.  It’s therapeutic, relaxing (well, sometimes) and has so many benefits that I would put you all to sleep listing them here.  Being able to say that I have finished a 1/2 marathon would be life changing!!  If you don't believe me, please see my note from the officials above.  ;-)

SO…Not only did I sign up for the 1/2 marathon today, but I also signed up for a little 5K race that's near by.  It is the day before Valentines Day and I thought it would be a perfect way for me to get a fun run in before gorging my face in steak and lobster the next day and get me motivated to look even more fabulous in my dress!!  I also get a sweet t-shirt & goody bag.  Rumor has it too that there are free massages before and after the run.  Hopefully the weather wont be so bad that I wont be able to attend, but I paid my $20 so I plan on it!!

Maybe I didn't have another great loss this week, but I would take a small gain on the scale and a HUGE gain in healthy accomplishments any time. 


  1. Only in my dreams. You rock, Girl.

  2. Whoohooo! Congrats and good luck on the 1/2!

  3. Yeah! Dang girl, you got me all pumped up and I'm not the one rocking it out! .8 is nothing, and it will be gone by next WI. But a 1/2 marathon is something that you'll be proud of forever!

  4. Thanks so much!! I still can't believe I'm doing it. I think I'm f*ing nuts, LOL.


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