It pays to look like a runner

They say that running is free, and sure, for the most part that is true.  But like everything else in life, there is sometimes a cost associated with this sport.  If you do a race you might be looking at $20 or so for each 5K or 10K race you sign up for, $86.95 (to be exact) to run in a 1/2 marathon and so on and so on.  Then you have your gear…shoes which can cost you $100+, running shorts & pants, tech-wick shirts, running jackets, and so on and so forth.
Since I’ve started running I’ve yearned to have some of my own fabulous gear.  I know, I know….I’m not running to look good, but c’mon, everyone wants to look good!!  *If you look good, you feel good.*
Well, thanks to a blessing called the “tax refund”, I was able to go out shopping today and get some new great gear!!  I may have spent a lot of money (probably around $200 all together, that's including a few items I got for Frankie & Damon) but 99% of what I got was one sale, and truthfully, all stuff I needed.  So here are some pics of the goodies I got:

I got this cute little mug to house my tea or coffee in at work.  It’s corny, and that's why I love it ;-)
shopping 001
When I saw these running shorts, the first thought that popped in my head was “I want to wear these when I run my 1/2 marathon”.  Also, the shirt I am wearing is a new Nike Dri-Fit Cotton long sleeve shirt…red to match the shorts of course!
shopping 009
These Nike Pro cold weather running tights are normally $50 but were marked down to $29.  I couldn’t pass them up.  Something tells me I am going to need them for my 5K on Feb. 13th.  But don't worry…I will be wearing them under my windbreakers, so people don't have to be subjected to seeing me in tights.
shopping 010 
Please note that I do not work for Nike, nor do I only buy Nike Products, lol.  It just so happens that the Sports Authority by me carries like 95% Nike items and they seemed to be the best bargain. 
This has to be my favorite purchase of the day….. A red Nike Dri-Fit running jacket.  Kind of wished they had a size smaller, but there's room for layering on the cold days.  This was marked down to $39 & I believe it will be worth every penny.  Expect to see me in this even when I’m not running!
shopping 013
I’m having a horrible hair dry, so please excuse the nasty looking mane.
I finally have winter boots!!  No longer will I be trying to tread through parking lots in my 5” stiletto heels!  These were originally $60 marked down to $20!!  Who knew I could score such a deal for winter boots at a sporting goods store.
shopping 014
And finally…I saw this zip-up hoodie over a month ago and I loved it.  It has a great fit and its nice and warm.  Plus, thanks to the Nike symbol, I feel like more an athlete with it on when I’m just lounging around in it, lol.  I picked it up earlier but then put it back.  Finally when I ran out to get dinner for the family, I went back to the store and got it.  It was marked down to $30, and I am wearing it at this very moment…
Wow…I really need to spend some money on some glass cleaner apparently.  Oh, and a decent camera.  :-/
I also scored a nice pair of jeans and 2 new t-shirts at the Salvation Army:
I think I look so short here, lol.  I’m not though, I’m 5’9.
shopping 018
shopping 019
And there it is….Suzi’s day of shopping!!  It felt really nice to be able to spend some money and to spend it on things for myself that not only make me feel good, but are going to be put towards working on making me feel even better!!

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!!  I just got finished watching ‘Food Inc.”, its a very eye opening and educational documentary about the food industry and how they have turned the average farmer into a wind-up toy basically.  I highly recommend it to everyone!!!!


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