I’m a grown woman! I do what I want!


Yeah, yeah, yeah….I get it.  I’m supposed to take my daily multivitamin like a big girl and swallow it the old fashioned way.  Well guess what…NO!!  I don’t know what my deal is with multivitamins but they are very difficult for me.  I don’t have problems with any other pills, and hell, I don’t even have much of a gag reflex (you can insert your nasty but jealous thought here;-) but for some reason as soon as I put a multivitamin in my mouth, I gag.  I’ve tried so many different kinds…organic, gel tabbed, coated…none of them make an easy way down my throat. 

Then I saw these at my local Target:


That’s right….ADULT gummy multivitamins!!  I couldn’t pass this up. 

I am happy to report that these are very tasty, and went down with absolute ease.  So yes, I will be taking my daily multivitamin like a 4 year old, and I don’t give a shit!


  1. I don't have so much of a problem swallowing them, but they repeat on me for hours. I have to take them with food or I am doomed to belch B12 for the entire morning.


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