I will not rain on my parade!



So I managed to get a nice 40 minute workout on the elliptical when I get home from work.  Thankfully tonight was a ‘bye’ week for Frankie’s darts (for those of you who don't understand what that means, it means no darts this week) so I didn’t have to worry about being rushed.  We stopped to Wegmans on the way home from work and picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner…yum, yum!

The 40 minutes I did were quite hard actually.  My legs and core are still very sore (I rhymed, hee hee) from running the 6 miles on Sunday.  I contemplated giving myself another night off to rest & heal up, but I just kept thinking to myself “I have to try to undo the damage I did over the weekend!”.  And then it hit me….

So fucking what?!?!  Maybe I wont “undo” the damage within 4 days.  I haven't had a gain in weeks.  Not to brag here, but I seriously just don't remember.  Sometime before Christmas I think.  I’ve been losing every week since.  YOU CANT LOSE EVERY WEEK!!  If I have a gain Thursday night, so f’ing be it!!  I can be ok with that because I know that I have picked myself up since Saturday.  I got right back on program Sunday and since then I have made a stellar accomplishment with my running (did I mention I ran 6 miles?? lol) and I have tracked all of my food and have even had left over points on a few occasions.  I pushed myself through a tough workout tonight and went 20 minutes beyond the minute time I *promised* myself that I would get through.  I also have added a TON of vegetables & fruits into my diet this week.  Oh…AND…tomorrow I am trying a brand new WW friendly crock pot recipe that I found on a FABULOUS new blog…I will share the results of that, plus the shout out to the blog tomorrow night.  So not only did I manage to make one new recipe this month (let alone this week!) but I made 2!!

So you know what…I’m going to stop thinking that I need to “undo” anything, and start thinking “keep on the healthy path that has become your great new life”…sorry, I cant think of a clever way to sum that up into a word or two.

We will see what happens on Thursday at my WI, but either way I know that whatever the scale says, I know that I have picked myself up, dusted myself off, and am following the right path….and that’s all that matters (and that I still fit into my dress, but I’m not worried about that, LOL).


  1. Hey, works for me. Can you come over here and get me motivated to work out? Just something I have always disliked so much. And it's not like I don't like to move. I will take on an 8 mile hike, totally out of condition, before I will work out for an hour. I am nuts, certifiable, I am sure.

  2. I would love to come over...but I'm pretty sure we would end up sitting on a couch or at a table gabbing away over some beers, not end up working out, lol.
    Hey...we COULD take an 8 mile hike & just bring the beers with us!! That just might work!

  3. Come on down. We have great hiking here and I really do love some hiking.

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