A HUGE Thank You to you all...


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I want to send out an ENORMOUS thank you to all my Blog followers (all 12 of you, LOL) and to all the wonderful people over on the Weight Watcher message boards!!  All of your gracious, nice, and extremely flattering comments really mean a lot to me....the world to me!!  I could have not gotten this far without everyone's support and the inspiration everyone has given me.

As each day goes by I get more and more excited to come and blog to all of you.  I've been compiling a list (of course!) of things I want to blog about in the future.  Each day I learn some new trick or trade, and hopefully this blog with continue to grow with that knowledge.  I'm hoping to get my digital camera up and working so I can start taking some pictures.  I'd love to do a recipe feature next week!!

Thank you SO, SO very much everyone!!  I enjoy sharing my successes with you all and I cant wait to keep sharing!!

With Love- Suzi   


  1. I'm reading! I don't know if it shows me as a follower, but you are in my google reader!

  2. Hi!! I found you on the WW boards and since I just got baco on the program I need people like you as inspiration/motivation! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Looking forward to many posts from you in the future :)


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