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So I was lucky enough to have the wonderful Tricia over at the lovely blog Endurance Isnt Only Physical find me somehow here in the blog world.  I’ve been giving her blog a good look through this morning and all I have  to say is WOW!  This girl is amazing!!  She is epitome of showing how if you work hard & go after things that you really want in life, you will reap big rewards!!

She also is able to do fantastic giveaways & contests.  I would love to be able to do this someday, but for now…..


Please go over to her blog and enter to win a great Nathans Hydration Belt here!  This product has gotten great reviews (a thumbs up from Tricia herself as well).  I have seen these in the stores and have contemplated on whether I should check them out or not. The quality of these are really outstanding and definitely very durable.  Who knows…maybe I’ll be a wiener….I mean winner!!

Whether you are a runner or not though, please find a minute to check out her amazing blog.  You are sure to find some great inspiration there!


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