Goodbye Friday & Saturday….

So, it was no secret that I’ve been pretty awful with my eating and alcohol intake the past couple of days.  I have a tendency of doing this every now and then, and sometimes it works out to my benefit, but I still dont enjoy putting all of that junk into my body. 
Yesterday was the nail in the coffin really  Deviled eggs, home-made lasagna (at least I used light ingredients :-/) and again many, many beers.  Oh yeah, and one cannoli…EEK!!  I went to bed feeling awful and my stomach was torn apart.
I went to bed knowing that I would wake up and start fresh.  The party was over.  Enough fucking around, and get back to being the healthy, smart Suzi that I know and love being. 
So thats just what I did!!  I woke up this morning and downed a bunch of water.  Then since we have been so kindly graced with a warmer day here in Syracuse (high around 39) I was able to go have a run at the parkway.  It was the first time in over a month that I have been able to run on the road.  It felt AMAZING!!  I wasnt sure how long I would be able to run for, since it had been about a week since I ran last, thanks to my broken toe (which is a lot better, but now quite sore again). 
I RAN 6 MILES!!!!  This is my longest distance yet.  It may be a bit short of 6 miles…they have markers at the park but even some of those are off, but according the my Nike+ is was 6.2 miles.  Anywho….it felt AMAZING!!  The last mile was tough, really tough actually, but I just kept thinking about all of the junk that I put into my body the past 2 days and I pushed through. I took a screen shot from my Nike+…hopefully you can see it:
After my run I went to Wegmans (our local grocery store) and loaded up on delicious, healthy goodies for me to have for the week.  Lots of vegetables, and some fruits.  It’s great knowing that I have good food so easily on hand.
So to Friday and Saturday….I am over you!  We had fun.  We laughed and played around.  But that time is over now.  I must move forward you see, to better things.  I know that you will probably try to stick with me the next few days, so please do not take it too badly when I say…get the f*ck off me and leave me alone!! ;-)

P.S  I am editing this right now because I forgot to mention another success I made today.  I turned down going to eat at the 'Texas Roadhouse' today for my moms Birthday.  My whole family from Auburn was coming into town, and while it sucks that I didnt get to see them, it was worth the sacrifice.  And man oh man, do I love me some Texas Roadhouse...but the thought of putting anymore junk into my body really repulses me.  


  1. Man, I impressed with that run!! I can barely make 20 minutes on the Wii track around the island. And good for you turning down the Texas Roadhouse thing. Send Mom some flowers. They last longer for her. Do you count your beer points?

  2. AZ- Thanks!! I can't believe I've ran 6 miles...this time last year, I could barely run 30 seconds straight. One small step at a time though, and here I am.

    I will answer your question honestly and say that 99% of the time, no I do not count my beer points. Last weekend actually was the very first time I ever did, and I would really love to make that a habit. I wish I wasnt blessed with a high tolerance, because then it would be much easier, LOL. But I will say it here & now that I WILL start tracking my beer points more (except for Brew Fest on 2/6 LOL).
    How about you??


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