5 Miles!!

If there is one memory from my old days back in grade school that I hate to think about, it would be having to run the dreaded mile.  This was an excruciating task for me.  I wasn't even heavy then either!  Just the thought of running had me gasping for air.  Of course, I did have mild asthma so that was always my excuse to the gym teacher as to why I was keeled over on the side.  ;-)
I always envied the other girls who could run though.  They always looked so graceful and so happy to be swirling around the track.  I hated them.

Then today....I ran 5 miles.

This is the farthest I have ever ran in one straight workout.  A complete 5.03 miles, 54 minutes & 15 seconds, a pace of 10'47"...without stopping once. 

I will admit that when I got to about 2.5 miles, all I could think about was stopping.  I thought "really??  I have to do this all over again pretty much?!?!".  It was a mental battle that I knew I would have with myself at some point.  Then I started thinking about what I've already accomplished.....running my very first 5K last October, then doing another one in November.  It was about May of last year when I started the C25K program and could barely run for 30 seconds!!  I did end up ditching that program and went with my own rhythm.   I thought about the Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon thats in Philadelphia this September that I am going to be running in!!  5 miles in nothing compared to that!  I also thought about that gorgeous dress I found online for Valentines day and how the miles that I was running were shedding more pounds away to make me and that dress even more fabulous!!  

Once I got to about the 3.5 mile, I knew the end was coming near, and I knew that I could do it!!  So thanks to strong fight I put up with my mind, and the tunes that helped to carry me along the way...I got to the 5 miles I promised myself I would get to this weekend.

There's no better feeling in the world than knowing that you have accomplished something.  Especially when you've always thought you couldn't.  To a lot of people, 5 miles isnt much, but to me and at this time in my life, it's a mountain!  I can't wait to reach my next goal...running a 10K distance.


  1. Thanks Jennifer!! It definetly felt inspiring for me. Now I know that when I want to wuss out at mile 2, I need to step it up a notch. It's the only way we keep making progress and dont get stuck in the rut you know.
    I know I want to become that runner who can say running 6 or 8 miles is a breeze, not the runner who feels they can barely make it through mile 3!!


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